Humorous Karaoke Word Play

Posted by Dietingfashions | 5:57 PM

Auxpareoke - Getting caught with your girlfriend by your wife at the local karaoke bar.

Barelyoke - When someone sings into the mic but you still can't hear them.

Bareoke - Singing au naturel (in the buff).

Blareoke - When the music is WAY TOO LOUD!

Bloodymaryoke - Any show that lasts until daylight.

Brokey-oke - Singing withdrawals suffered the weekend before you get paid.

Buryoke - Any song that has been done to death and is pulled from the lists.

Carry-No-Key - A description of bad singers.

Chairoke - A person who sits to sing so they can hide behind the monitor.

Cherryoke - A first time karaoke singer.

Dareoke - A "friend" picks out a song that you have never tried.

Derrieroke - Randomly pulling a song title out of your butt and trying to sing it.

Fairoke - When a new song turns out to be OK and you'll try it again.

Fareoke - A venue that charges you to sing or makes you pay a cover charge.

Frustrateoke - Trying to hear the singer on the mic above the off-key person next to you.

Gerioke - Karaoke for the elderly.

Glareoke - Unable to read the monitor because there is a spotlight in your face.

Guessaoke - When you thought you know a song by heart and mess up the words.

HariKari-oke - Equating the fear of singing with suicide.

Holyoke - Gospel music at a bar.

Impairaoke - When dancers on the floor block your view of the monitor.

KA (Karaokians Anonymous) - A recovery group for Karaoke Junkies.

KDT's - What a Karaokian goes through if unable to sing karaoke once a week.

Karaokia - A planet where Karaoke Junkies are born, live, and prosper singing karaoke 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Karaokian - A resident of Karaokia.

Karaokian Follower - Believing there "really" is a planet named Karaokia and your "Mother Ship" is coming back for you.

Karaoke Junkie - One who "must" sing karaoke at least once a week or they'll "die".

Kamikazi-oke - Sliding your finger down the catalog list and diving into it unprepared.

KaraChainSmokie - A nervous condition that occurs before trying out a new song.

Karachokie - Having to end a verse short due to saliva going down the wrong tube.

Karanookie - What every guy prays for after any given night of singing.

Karaslowpokie - A KJ who takes forever to get the next song up.

Karasmokie - A KJ who abuses the fog machine, making it impossible to sing.

Karateoke - When a singer does an Elvis song with leg kicks, arm thrusts, etc.

Karayuckie - The song that makes you run for the bathroom or a smoke break.

Naryoke - A town that doesn't have a karaoke venue.

Nearoke - You set up the show and no one will sing.

Not-there-eoke - When the next person you call up has left without telling the KJ.

Prairieoke - Too many country songs in a row.

Retalioke - When you laughed at a singer and he waited out back to kick your butt.

Scaryoke - Attempting a song for the first time and you're pretty sure it's gonna' suck.

Scateoke - The uncontrollable urge to improvise during musical breaks.

Shareoke - When you and some friends "tag-team" through a song.

Shareoke(2) - Wandering around with a cordless mic to get others to sing with you.

Stareaoke - Waiting for the gal in the super-low cut blouse to take a bow after her song.

Solitaireoke - When the KJ is forced to sing 'cause there are no sign-ups.

Sorryoke - Events that make you wish you had stayed at home.

Speedaroke - Getting as many singers up as possible in the last hour of the gig.

Stumbleaoke - Tripping while going up on stage to sing.

Swearoke - Someone who changes the lyrics in order to cuss for the hell of it.

Swearoke(2) - Any song sung deliberately to offend.

Tokoyokie - Walking into an all Japanese sing along.

Unfairoke - The person who always complains after losing a contest.

Waryoke - You get up to sing in a group song but no way will you get near the mic.

Wastoidoke - Someone who is too drunk to sing.

Wearyoke - The third time you hear the same songin a single night.

Whereoke - Frantic search for a singing fix when a karaoke junkie visits a new town.

Whoreoke - A person who offers sex for an extra turn in the rotation.